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SANTINI.IO is a technology based website that focuses on just about all things tech and technology related. In the future there will be a technology podcast added as well as videos. Until then, head on over to the blog for some information and opinion on the latest tech.

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Nick Santini
@SANTINI_IOApr 28 03:48 pm

@charlieINTEL I hope so. I've had so many connection issues with Black Ops 2.

How To Start Making Leather Projects

Working with leather is easier than it seems. Here's how you can begin making your very own projects with leather.

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Why Riding A Bike To Work Is Awesome

The thought of riding a bike to work for most people can be a daunting one. Is riding a bike to work really worth it?

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How I Learned To Read A Book A Week

Why does getting into reading seem so hard? I will show you how to make reading at least a book a week achievable.

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Why I will Be Switching From Android To The iPhone 7

After being an android user for roughly the past 7 years it's time to make the switch to iOS.

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