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The Road to Becoming a Javascript Ninja Week: 1

My journey to becoming a Javascript Ninja is underway and much to my surprise, learning Javascript may not be as difficult as you think.

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Learning Javascript: The road to becoming a javascript ninja

Javascript is said to be one of the tougher programming languages. I'm here to find out just how hard it is to become a Javascript ninja!

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Favorite Pen of the Week: Animated Flag and Web Accessibility

This weeks Codepen, Pen of the Week, is an Animated Flag by Mark Sottek. This Pen has a deeper message than you might have thought upon first glance.

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Favorite Pen of the Week: CSS3 PowerPoint

This weeks Codepen, Pen of the Week, is a Pure CSS3 PowerPoint Like Presentation brought to you by Kezz Bracey from Tuts+.

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Favorite Pen of the Week: WWII Soldier Generator

For this weeks Favorite Pen of the Week, we bring you a World War 2 soldier generator with a side of self promotion.

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Possibly the Worst Website of All Time

Just when you thought a website couldn't be any more useless... The website we ruled the most useless may surprise you.

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Perch CMS: is it a worthy content management system?

We'll let you know if the lesser known content management system, perch, is worth considering when choosing a cms for your next prodject.

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Our Favorite Pen of the Week: Marvel CSS Animation

Our Favorite Pen of the Week is a pure css Marvel logo animation from Gregor Adams. P.S. Have you seen this guy's mustache?

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