The concept and idea for this site began back in 2013. Started by Nick Santini, SANTINI.IO was created as a way to discuss his views on certain subjects. Because he is a web designer by day, the site often will refer to and discuss certain aspects of the trade. But that's not all that will be discussed, in fact, tech, gaming, and all other things awesome will be talked about as well.

We may not have a lot of history yet, but you can bet that there will by the time this site is through.

The goal of SANTINI.IO is to eventually create a network of tech, gaming, web developing, and design minded people that create and/or love industry changing content. Until then Nick will post everything you see on the site.

Note: All of that was written in third person... Eww, I feel gross!

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Nick Santini
@SANTINI_IOSep 18 10:22 am

RT @kenbone18 : I just spilled beer on my couch and I'm more sad about the couch than I am about the spilled beer. Now that's maturity!


Nick Santini
@SANTINI_IOSep 12 09:40 pm

The best part of getting my bike stolen was that it was the cheapest bike on the rack by like $500+